Why Become a Chalk Couture Designer?

Starter Kit January 2020

There are many reasons to become a Chalk Couture Designer. As many reasons as there are people because each has a personal reason, a personal story. But in general, Designers fall into a couple of broad categories – crafters and business builders. I love both because I am both.

Becoming a Designer is awesome for crafters because you can purchase your supplies at a 40% discount. That’s right, 40%! This is why I joined Chalk Couture. A busy crafter will find personal orders are enough to maintain their discount. If this appeals to you, join my team. I am a crafter at heart and know that incredibly creative ideas come from those of us crafting every week.

If you are a crafter and are not ready to become a Designer, check out Club Couture where the only commitment is a night of fun once a month!

Becoming a Chalk Couture Designer is the first step for anyone looking to build a business. Chalk Couture is a fantastic business opportunity because it is so diverse and the products are literally amazing. Chalk Couture is new in Canada so there is a lot of room to grow. As a Designer, there are 4 ways you can create income:

  1. Sell products. The products make creating beautiful home décor easy and fast. Crafters love them and so do DIY home decorators. You can sell in person or online on your chalk site. So the decision to carry inventory – or not, is all up to you.
  2. Workshops & Events. Hold Create & Take nights, sign up for Trade Shows or plan a Pop-Up Shop. Everything is possible with the social, in-person side of Chalk Couture. Share your excitement!
  3. Club Couture. Find a couple of people to subscribe to Club Couture and host a monthly Club craft night to get together and do the project as a group. Don’t worry about starting small, it will grow!
  4. Be a Leader. Build your team and lead them to success with training and support. Share your knowledge, celebrate their successes, boost them up when they are having bad days then watch it grow. Your authenticity and enthusiasm will attract the right people for your team.

Make money beautifully with Chalk Couture. Join my team.

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