What You Need to Start Inking – Basic Supply List

A Basic Supply List for Inking

To start inking, there is a small list of basic supplies you will need. It really is one of the easiest and fun ways to craft with fabric and glass.

All you need is an iron, parchment paper, surface, ink, ink mat, squeegee, and transfer. If you find you are inking a lot, there is another list of tools that you will find useful, but that is another post. (I’ll link it when I get it posted, lol)

You can chalk on almost any fabric or glass surface as long as it can be heat set. Chalk Couture has pillow cover as well as banner and board options that come in a variety of sizes and are very versatile. I recommend starting with one of the banners, which are a good starting price point. Once heat set, ink is permanent. Not all glass surfaces can be inked. Some glass has coatings that interfere with inking or heat setting. This is why I recommend you start inking on fabric.

An ink mat is also essential. It is sticky and holds the fabric in place while you ink. Chalk Couture ink mats come in 2 sizes. 17″ X 17″ fits perfectly into our pillow cover and is also good for bath towels, baby blankets, fabric squares and jackets. Our 11″ X 23″ mat is perfect for t-shirts, tea towels and baby clothes. Both can be cut up if you find you are inking a lot of small fabric surfaces.

You will need a squeegee and I recommend you get the small squeegee. All the inking I have ever done, I have done with this squeegee. Even the larger throw pillow transfers I ink with the small squeegee. With inking, you have more time to work before it dries so this one is ideal.

Ink and transfers are where you can explore your creativity. At the start, I always recommend getting 2 colours of ink that you like together and a transfer that you would like equally well on a throw pillow or your t-shirt. This will give you the most versatility with minimum supplies. Once you’ve made your choices, you are ready to start inking.

Finally, you need an iron or heat press to set your inked design. With a heat press, press 30 seconds at 350 degrees on each side. With an iron, press 4 minutes on each side on medium heat. Use the parchment between your design and the iron and between the fabric and the ironing board. This will prevent the ink from staining your board or sticking to your iron. Fair warning, it can be more addicting than chalking!

Reach out if you have any questions, I am always happy to chat chalk!

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