Using Chalk Couture Chalkology Paste: The Most Important Thing

Chalkology Paste

Using Chalk Couture Chalkology paste is pretty foolproof. There is only really one thing to know before you start. Your paste should be the consistency of stirred sour cream. So stir it, add distilled water if it is too dry and repeat that until you get the consistency right. If you get it too wet, just leave the jar open for a few minutes to let it dry out a bit. Then stir again.

Paste consistency is the most important thing. It makes the paste flow through the screen better and the design crisp. If it is too dry, it can stick to the screen and if it is too wet, it can creep under the transfer edges. It is worth spending time getting it right with all the colours you are using before starting your design.

Make sure you use distilled water because tap water contains minerals. Chalk paste is organic and the minerals can make it mold. Distilled water will keep your paste shelf life secure.

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