Unbox Your Potential – Chalk Couture as a Business

Unbox Your Potential

Unbox your potential with Chalk Couture. Whether you want to make a few extra dollars a month or you want to build a successful career, Chalk Couture can help you reach your goals.

For crafters, the 40% Designer discount will keep your crafting costs down and you can sell your finished goods to help fund your supply cupboard. On my team, we want to support you in creating a life you love. There are no goals to big or too small. If you are looking for a little extra money to boost your hobby, Chalk Couture is for you. You also get the bonus of a community that loves to share their ideas and see yours. Crafting is what we are all about.

Those with an entrepreneurial spirit will find the 40% Designer discount provides the flexibility to run a business you love. There are so many ways to earn with Chalk Couture and you can decide to apply as many or as few of them as you want to your business. If you don’t like Vendor Events and craft fairs, no problem. You can decide not to do those. If craft fairs are your jam but you don’t like teaching, no worries, holding classes is not necessary. There is a way to grow your Chalk Couture business for every personality. From selling finished goods to building a large team, everything is possible with Chalk Couture.

I started as a crafter looking for savings on my supplies. That grew into selling finished goods mostly because people wanted to buy them. Then I found my first team member and it was life-changing. Someone who wanted to craft and share and talk about crafting just as much as I did. Whooo Hooo!

The product is easy to use, easy to demonstrate and the finished goods fly off the shelf. If you are a crafter, you have nothing to lose. At worst, you will get a deal on some supplies and at best, you will find a whole new world of crafting friends.

Join my team and unbox your potential!

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