To Seal Chalk Paste or Not to Seal

Paste Durability

One common question I am asked is whether or not to seal chalk paste projects. The answer is that it is a completely personal choice. I never seal chalk paste.

Although Chalkology paste is washable, to remove it, you need to wet AND wipe. This allows you to change your designs on your surfaces whenever you like. So if you want to wash your design with a wet cloth and do not want to change it in the future, you will want to seal it.

But Chalkology paste is very durable. Once dry, it will not wipe off or chip when you dry dust. You can even get it wet if you do not wipe before it dries again. That is demonstrated in this video. As you can see, water won’t hurt it if you do not wipe.

I don’t seal chalk paste projects because I like to change them up. Dry dusting works fine for me. I’ve never had a problem with chipping or anything. I worry about the sealer making the colours less vibrant or yellowing over time.

I also don’t seal the projects I sell. Upon request, I will seal with the sealer that many designers recommend. But my projects are not sealed before sale because customers can pay me a nominal fee to have their designs changed up too. This is great for customers that love pretty things but are not very crafty.

So the answer is that you can seal your chalk paste projects if you like but you certainly don’t have to.

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