The Tea Towels That Started it All – Wicked Chickens

Wicked Chickens Tea Towels

These are the tea towels that started it all for me. While it was the Sugar Cookie transfer that caught my eye online, it was Wicked Chickens that sealed the deal. So they were the first thing I made with ink. Ink designs are permanent once heat set.

I love them so much, I made a set for a friends cottage and a couple of sets for my booth at the dog show in December.

Tea towels are a perfect surface for inking. I use 100% cotton and have bought them everywhere, whenever I find some I like at a good price. I have heard that the flour sack tea towels on Amazon also work great but I never like waiting for things that are readily available around me. I always use towels in neutral colours but that is a personal preference. There is no reason you can’t ink on bright coloured towels.

When picking tea towels, there is one thing you have to consider.

How thick is any fabric nap or textural design? The thicker the nap, the less crisp your design edge will be. A slightly raised textural design is fine but a plush, thick nap can cause your ink edges to bleed. At best, the nap will never lay flat enough or directional enough to keep your design looking crisp.

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