The Difference Between Gallery & Boutique Surfaces – Chalk Couture

Gallery vs Boutique Surfaces

Both the Gallery and the Boutique Chalk Couture surfaces are beautiful and easy to work with. They are designed to work with Chalkology paste. I am often asked what the differences are and there are a few, but one of them is not quality. Both are high quality chalking surfaces.

Boutique surfaces have shallow dimension along them with a gloss finish that is true, dark black. Light colours pop on these surfaces and white is outstanding! They also display the shimmer colours to their best advantage with the gloss finish.

Gallery surfaces have a smooth, matte, grey-black traditional chalk board look. They are a little more subtle and lend themselves well to vintage designs. Gallery surfaces are also magnetic. This makes it easy to add dimensional embellishments. Think recipe designs with kitchen tool magnets that hold your recipe card, or fall designs with the addition of magnetic fall flowers. Easy to change out the designs as well.

Both surfaces can be erased and re-designed as long as you are using Chalkology paste and have not sealed the finished design. This means seasonal decorating is easy, easy. Find the spot on your wall where the surface fits and looks great and then change the design up seasonally to re-hang in the same spot. Seasonal decor change up becomes a fun afternoon project!

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