Spellbooks – Using Chalkology Paste with a Brush


Spellbooks were new for me this year and they were so much fun to make! It was my opportunity to practice using Chalkology Paste with a brush. It took a bit of learning to get the right balance of paste without dry brushing but 3 Spellbooks in, I got it.

The tutorial I was following was for making Spellbooks as a décor piece for Halloween. Therefore, no attention was paid to the actual book used. Any hard cover with anything in it because it was not meant to be read. I had a need to make the book decorative and functional. I wanted people to be able to read them.

So I made 3 Spellbooks out of books that, for me, went with the Halloween theme.

The first was Stephen King’s Needful Things and it is still my favourite of the group. I used a spider front and web back. Then I used the Wicked Chickens transfer to put the word Wicked on the spine. Shimmer Silver Paste was brushed on the spider, web and book edges. Shimmer Silver Ink was brushed on the page edges for an aged look. A cool little leather snap that came off an old purse finished it up. I was glad I am a pack-rat when I found that! And it sold within an hour of hitting the shelf so that was a big plus.

The second was Clive Barker’s Weave World. I used a Venetian Masquerade Mask for the front and a silver medallion of the drama faces on the spine. The mask ties served as the closure for this Spellbook. Shimmer Silver Paste was brushed on for mask highlights and book edges. A little Shimmer Gold was added to the mask. Shimmer Silver Ink was brushed on the page edges. This one sold after 2 days on the shelf.

The last one was a much larger but thinner art book. John’s Howe’s Myth & Magic made an awesome Spellbook. I again used the spider front and web back but I changed it up with paste and ink colours. Shimmer Bronze Paste went on the spider, web and book edges first. Lightly applied, I then went in with a soft cloth and rubbed some distress into it. The final step was to add Shimmer Gold Paste the same way. In my craft box, I found a leather strap, metal ring clip and a paper bead that matched the bronze and silver to make the closure. This one was a special order.

Chalkology Paste is very durable.

The books are handled with ease and nothing rubs off.  I am super happy with the results and will make more Spellbooks next year for sure.

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