Nothing is safe! Inking My Dish Drying Mat.

Nothing is safe

Nothing is safe from being inked around here. We have a dishwasher. It is brand new, never used. I do dishes by hand. I find doing dishes relaxing and the hot water on my hands always eases my arthritis. But I am not a shopper. I never shop unless I absolutely have to and even then, I never go beyond exactly what I am there to get. No shopping the isles and looking at what’s new for me. I am an in and out kind of shopper. I always have a list. It is always small.

So as silly as it sounds, I did not know there was such a thing as a dish drying mat. I don’t use a dish rack. Dishes get washed and then dried immediately because we have very hard water here. I’ve always just used a thick tea towel as a drying mat. Of course, now that I have found this mat, it makes perfect sense that it should exist. I can’t be the only one who does not use their dishwasher.

I decided to ink it because it is black, it is textured and I like to ink everything fabric. Inking on black and inking on texture, even relatively flat texture, takes a bit of practice. What better to practice on than a solid surface without decoration? The mat seemed a perfect canvas to me.

I love this Boho Circles transfer too. They remind me of spirograph. I did the darkest circle with the hot mess method because I find the dark, dark colours can be hard to see on black surfaces. The Mauvelous lightens up the Regal enough that it is clearly visible.

Supply List: Dish Drying Mat, Chalk Couture Transfer, Bright White, Mauvelous and Regal Chalkology Ink, Ink Mat, Small Squeegee, Iron, Parchment Paper.

If you haven’t tried ink, I encourage you to give it a try. You will find you are suddenly personalizing your jeans, making tons of t-shirts and filling your up your tea towel drawer. Or maybe pillows, pillow cases or even a banner for your mantel. It’s addicting.

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