New Chalk Studio for Christmas!

New Workbench

I got a new Chalk Studio for Christmas and it was delivered today! I am so lucky.

Today was Gordon’s birthday and he spent it delivering and assembling my new Chalk Workbench. It is my Christmas gift from my 3 boys. He and Sean showed up just before lunch and spent the afternoon putting it together and moving things around for me. It is a totally awesome workbench.

There is nothing on the work table now except my tray with all the things I need every time I chalk or ink. The deep bottom drawers fit all the supplies that used to sit on the table but did not get used for every project. And the shallow drawers are perfect for transfers! They also fit paste jars 2 high for my extra’s. Some colours I use a lot so I order before I am completely out. Now I have a place to put them until I need to open them.

My sealer, spray paints, towels, fuzzing cloth, board erasers, disinfectant wipes, wax and water bath containers all fit in one drawer!

I’ve organized the transfers into those that are used and those that are new. Then separated the holiday ones from the rest, ending up with 4 piles. And, yes, I have room to grow. One whole drawer is empty still.

I can move all around the table now, working from every side. And there is still room for my heat gun and press to sit beside the plug in. Sean is going to come and mount a power bar for me on the side of the workbench so I can sit them on the top and not have to move them around to use them anymore.

It is a great Christmas gift. One I will use every day!

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