My Magic Purse

My Magic Purse

I haven’t carried a purse in years. Mostly because when I did, I spent half my day running back to where I just was because I forgot it. And partly because I was always destroying them. Broken zippers, broken straps, torn pockets – all that kind of thing. I am rough on things that have to travel around with me.

Except for this one little denim purse that I carried for years and years. I never once left it anywhere and when I retired it to the closet, all the zippers were working. I set it aside because it was looking worn and I felt I had been carrying it around too long.

The other week I was clearing out closets and came upon it. I pulled it out and took a good look at the worn out spots. I remembered how I never left it behind and the strap was a perfect length. I noticed that there was a pocket that perfectly fit my phone. There was a pocket that perfectly fit my ID holder and business cards. There was a pocket the perfect size for my sample packs. I started to think about what I could ink on it. And isn’t denim supposed to look worn?

It seems like I have more to carry around these days too. Straws, glasses, make-up, sample packs, bullet journal… more than I can reasonably carry. I decided to wash it up, ink something fun on it and start carrying it around again.  I haven’t left it anywhere and all the zippers are still working. I think this purse is magic.

I may soon have to embroider or appliqué the corners at the seams because the wear is getting close to forming a hole. But for now, no actual holes and I am not even noticing the wear anymore – just an old, loyal friend that sticks by my side.

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