Mini Craft Kits – Try It, You’ll Like It!

Mini Craft Kits

Mini Craft Kits are a great way to say, try it, you’ll like it. You will find the number of people that would love to try the products will outmatch your ability to keep up with supplies – and the cost of those supplies. Most people are happy to pay a small cost to try it. So you can use Mini Craft Kits as samples too.

In addition, Mini Craft Kits make fabulous kids gifts.

All little ones love creating things and with these kits, they can wash and re-design their Chalkable Chip as many times as they like. What fun!

I have seen beautiful, creatively packaged Mini Craft Kits designed by very talented designers. Christmas ones in clear ornament balls are pretty and versatile. Farm themed transfers in brown bags with clear windows are also pretty and practical. But for this post, I am focusing on keeping your costs down so if you are using them for samples, you can keep your costs low. You want to keep your sample cost to the customer as nominal as possible. So the packaging I’ve used is the Chalk Couture box the paste singles come in. Your cost? FREE! What could be better?

Inside the box you want to include a Chalkable Chip, Chalkology Paste single, Mini Squeegee, transfer and instructions. If you do not store your transfers in the plastic sleeves they come in, you can simply cut out the instructions and fold them up before slipping them in the box. If you do keep the sleeves, photocopy the instructions to include.

For the transfer, use the B size transfers that have 12 elements per sheet. Sprinkled with Love, Let’s Get Wicked, Locally Grown and Warm Wishes Minis will all work well.

You can leave the transfer to be a surprise for the customer when they open the box or you can use the transfer to create a label. If you do this, photocopy the transfer sheet before you cut it into individual elements. Once you photocopy the sheet, cut the transfers and glue them to the outside of the boxes to indicate which transfer is in each box.

Don’t forget to include your business card.

If you are a crafter and want to know more about the versatility of Chalk Couture in your craft room, visit my Customer Lounge for demos and offers.

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