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Join Club Couture, a DIY home décor subscription that arrives once a month in the mail. For $26.99 a month (FREE shipping), you get the exclusive Club Couture B size transfer of the month and 3 paste colour singles. Chalk Couture Transfers are reusable. So you can do several projects each month!

Your subscription is for a minimum of 3 months and you can cancel anytime after that.

We invite our local customers to our Club night. Held on the first Thursday of every month, we get together and do our project.

You can trade out your paste colours if you like. Plus, surfaces are available for purchase if you do not want to erase last month’s project. Club Couture night is FREE to attend for our Club Couture subscribers.

Our distant customers are invited to our Facebook Club Couture night. Held live once a month to do our project together.

We are there to answer questions and provide a place to share all of your beautiful results.

When you first join Club Couture, you’ll be offered the opportunity to purchase a Kick Starter kit. You will not be able to purchase it after you join. You’ll want to consider the Kick Starter kit. Importantly, it includes squeegees and surfaces you can use month after month for your new projects. Chalkology Paste can be cleaned off and the surface reused. You can also get surfaces and squeegees from us anytime if you elect not to purchase the Kick Starter kit.

Finally, your Club Couture subscription starts the month after you subscribe. You have an option when subscribing to add the current month’s Club Couture transfer to your order pending availability. Shipping for that transfer will be added when you complete your order.

Ready to subscribe? CLICK HERE


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