How to Use the Chalk Couture Paste Scraper

Paste Scraper

The Paste Scraper was one of those things that I looked at in the catalogue and thought it was something I would never use. I mean, cleaning a design off a board was a pretty simple process before the Paste Scraper. Wet, wait and wipe. How much easier can it get?

I could not have been more wrong!

It is as handy as heck. The Paste Scraper makes removing paste from gallery and boutique surfaces a breeze. Simply spray the board with the Fine Mist Sprayer, let water sit, then scrape.

Not only does it clean up the old design in one pass, it makes clean up – cleaner! The paste gathers on the edge and can be cleaned up with the wipe of a cloth or paper towel. I love it. It is a MUST have if you are changing out your boards seasonally.

Click here to see the Paste Scraper used with water to remove a design.

There are Designers that use the Paste Scraper with the board dry. It removes the paste and produces dust that you can then tip into the garbage. I am told it is handy when you want to remove part of a design. I have never come upon a reason to remove part of the design and I think using it dry would be hard on the board and the scraper. So I have not tried it.

Click here to see the Paste Scraper used dry to remove and replace part of a design.

Whether you use it wet or dry, you can do the final wipe up with a damp cloth or a Board Eraser. The Board Eraser will also remove any ghosting if you have it.

Click here to get your Paste Scraper.

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