How to Use the Chalk Couture Fine Mist Sprayer

Chalk Couture Fine Mist Sprayer

The Chalk Couture Fine Mist Sprayer has several uses when you are chalking. You should always use distilled water in your Fine Mist Sprayer and you can:

  • use it to clean off Chalk Couture re-usable surfaces, with the Paste Scraper, so you can chalk a new design
  • use it to add the perfect amount of water to stir into your chalk for desired consistency
  • use it to wet and remove ink mistakes on fabric with a Q-tip
  • use it to clean up chalk and ink on your work surface

The Fine Mist Sprayer is designed to distribute the perfect amount of water with each spray. When using it to adjust your chalk consistency, add one spray at a time and stir. If you need more, add it one spray at a time to ensure you do not make your paste too watery or it will seep under the transfer edge and you will not get a crisp design. Chalk paste should be the consistency of sour cream or yogurt.

To open the Fine Mist Sprayer, turn the lid once to the right and pull up. The first time you open it, it will be stiff. Once you open, fill and use it, it will easily pop open with the turn to the right.

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