How to Care for Chalk Couture Transfers

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I am often asked how to care for Chalk Couture transfers and while there is a lot of information out there, here is what I have found to be the best steps.

Step 1

When the transfer is opened, before you remove it from the backer sheet, flip it over and label the back side with a sharpie. If the transfer has multiple designs that are meant to be cut apart, cut them apart and label each piece. This helps identify which transfer fits on which backer piece when you are working on a design using elements from several different transfers.

How to Care for CC Transfers 1
I labelled this with a 2 because the Vintage Truck is a layered transfer and this piece is layer 2 when using the transfer.

Step 2

If the transfer is new and you are using it for the first time, fuzz the sticky side before you place on your surface. Some Designers do not fuzz when using Chalk Couture boards. That is a personal choice. I fuzz every new transfer. Unless I am inking on fabric. If you do not have a Chalk Couture fuzzing cloth, use any towel or fabric scrap. Place the sticky side down onto the cloth. Lift and repeat. Once your design is complete, this step makes lifting your transfer without stretching it easier.

Step Three

Place your transfer on the surface you are chalking. Chalk your design. Lift transfer all along one side, top or bottom. Do not lift the transfer from the corner. This can stretch your transfer and shorten its life. Peel the transfer off and immediately clean. This step can be completed as the chalk paste is drying. If you cannot easily clean immediately, place the transfer sticky side up in a water bath.

Step 4

To wash, in water or under a running tap, gently rub the paste off the solid surface parts on the transfer. Do not rub the screen. Run or swish the clean water over the screen. Be careful with this step. Rub gently and do not fold or crimp the transfer. A hard fold in the screen will ruin your transfer. Alternately, you can lay the transfer flat on a towel sticky side down. Then use a disinfectant wipe to clean. Do not use baby wipes. They contain lanolin which is not good for the transfers. This alternate method is great if you are not comfortable handling the transfers.

Step 5

Once clean, place the transfer sticky side up on a towel. Wipe the sticky side with a disinfectant wipe. Again, do not use a baby wipe. This step helps bring back the stickiness and extends the life of the transfer. Leave the transfer to dry.

How to Care for Chalk Couture Tranfers
Wipe the sticky side with a disinfectant wipe. Do not use baby wipes.

Step 6

Once dry, place the transfer back on the backer sheet and store flat.

How to Care for Chalk Couture Transfers 3
Store flat.


  1. If your transfer folds over on itself on the sticky side do not tug on it. You can stretch the transfer. Instead, hold it under running warm water while gently peeling it apart. The running water will help separate where it is stuck. And allows you to separate gently.
  2. Do not worry about staining. The more times you use the transfer, the more likely you will get staining. Red and black in particular tend to stain. As long as your transfer is clean, the staining will not cause you any problems with future uses.

Chalk Couture transfers are reusable 8-10 times. However, I have found when I take great care of them, I can use them many, many more times.

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