Halloween Candy Tray

Halloween Candy Tray

This Halloween Candy Tray took me 4 tries to finally finish! Nothing ever trips me up but me and this problem is my biggest crafting challenge so you will hear me say it again and again when I am talking about projects – do not touch when wet. Use a tool to speed up the drying process or practice patience, whichever you prefer. It is heart breaking when you ruin a perfect design by smudging when wet and patience is a challenge I struggle with.

Luckily, Chalkology Paste is washable so mistakes are all fixable… and I finally got it right with no smudges.

I work slow and the only thing you can do wrong with Chalkology Paste is to let it dry before you lift the transfer. So I rarely do a 3 colour design in one pass. For this one, I did the black Creep It Real banner first. Once it was completely dry, I went back with the transfer and did the orange and green. Then, because I smudged the bottom bat when it was still wet, I washed that bat off and went back with the transfer once more to place just that single bat.

It is one of the many, many things I love about Chalkology Paste, anything is possible because unless you seal it, you can just clean it off. Yet, it will not wipe away once it is dry. You can dry dust the heck out of it and the design will stay perfect. This is why I almost never seal my designs. They are durable without sealing and I can change them anytime I like.

I used the Reclaimed Metal Tray and the Club Couture Creep It Real transfer to make this Halloween Candy Tray. Club Couture transfers are only available to Club Couture subscribers. Chalkology Paste colours are Orange Peel, Parakeet and Black Velvet. I didn’t seal this one so I could change it to Christmas if it is still around by then. The Reclaimed Metal Tray is currently my favourite surface.


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