Good Things Take Time – A Quick Little Demo

Good Things Take Time

This quick little demo of the Good Things Take Time transfer is a perfect example of why I love Chalk Couture so much! I had a friend drop by for coffee and when she looked around the room at all my chalk projects, she said, ‘I’m going to have to come over some time so you can show me how you do that.’ I said, ‘Sometime? You are here right now, I can show you.’

She was worried about time and pointed out that I had nothing set up. She was in a time crunch and she didn’t want to be a bother since she did not give me any advance warning. Ha! Advance warning?! I assured her that there was nothing to ‘set up’ and no one, EVER, needs advance warning to chalk!

I grabbed a Sylvie board and exactly 7 minutes later, this project was finished. Complete with clean transfer drying on a towel!

Putting the Sylvie frame on the table. I then picked up the first B-size transfer I could put my hand on. Bright White Chalkology Paste, a squeegee, fuzzing cloth… we are one minute in and all the supplies are on the table. Fuzz the transfer, place it on the board, smooth down… we are still not at 2 minutes. Stir the paste, squeegee paste onto the transfer, remove the excess, peel and reveal. Now we are nearing 4 minutes and the look of amazement on her face is eating up time on my clock because I can’t help but watch.

Then I am off to the sink to clean the transfer, stir stick and squeegee. Pop them on the towel and run a disinfectant wipe over the transfer sticky side. Done! As with most things, clean up took the longest chunk of time.

Of course, there are things I would do differently if I were doing a demo for new customers. For one, I would have taken the Sylvie frame out of the box and removed the protective packaging. But I was timing and it was easy enough to chalk with it in the box.

Or I may have chosen a different colour, perhaps multiple colours. Maybe even an Ombré effect. But the truth is, nothing I could have done to polish the demo would have changed that look on her face at peel and reveal. And that look is my joy. It is the moment she started to see the possibilities of what she could make for her home, her friends and her family.

Besides, timing the speed demo was fun. It had us laughing all the way through.

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