Design Business Apparel with Couture Ink

Business Builder Apparel

That I can design business apparel with Couture Ink is another one of the things I love about Chalk Couture. Everyone in direct sales will know the value of showcasing your business on your clothing. When at a Vendor Event, you want everyone to know what booth you are with whether you are in the booth or at the bathroom sink washing your hands. Conversation and questions are the bread and butter of your business. Direct sales is all about relationships and making new ones with others that share your passion.

With many companies, you have to buy clothing with the logo on it. With others, you have to earn that apparel as awards. The value of the conversations it starts, should have all companies giving it away to consultants. But that is not the case. Chalk Couture has gone the extra mile because I can design my own whenever I need it!

Designing my own business apparel means that I always have clothes that fit me properly. They are all in the colours and styles I love to wear. And I can ink cute transfers onto my shirts that are awesome conversation starters. Other crafters are always quick to spot a hand-made item. We just have that eye. The one that makes us think, how did they make this? How could I make this?

For me, meeting other crafters to talk to and share ideas with is my biggest goal for my Chalk Couture business. I am really looking for friends who won’t get sick of me talking about projects! If you are a crafter, I am sure you can relate. Anyone up for an afternoon of inking?

If you are a crafter and want to know more about the versatility of Chalk Couture in your craft room, visit my Customer Lounge for demos and offers.

And if you are an entrepreneur, make money beautifully. Ask me how.

The Chalk Couture opportunity is powerful and creatively inspirational. When you become a Chalk Couture Independent Designer, there are several ways you can increase your monthly income. You can register for vendor events, sell both Chalk Couture products and the finished goods you create with the products, grow your Club Couture subscribers and hold Create & Take workshops – big or small – whichever you prefer. The possibilities are endless and limited only by your imagination! Join the fun and join my team.

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