Creative Inspiration & Papercraft: Washi Cards

washi cards

Sometimes creative inspiration can be hard to find. But finding a video of washi cards was just what I needed.

The problem is that I am the slowest crafter on the planet. I like to do things in layers and pause between each to let everything dry and ponder what to do next. I will pile paste colours up beside my half finished projects and ruminate over them. I will change up the colour piles and think some more. This makes getting things done difficult and getting things done quickly impossible.

Over the years, every time I get stuck or feel like I am accomplishing nothing, I have always gone back to papercrafting. It is easy and usually fast – a real bonus for me! So I always feel like I have accomplished something with just a couple hours of papercrafting.

Lately, I have been making a lot of presents and each one takes a lot of time. It seems even the simple designs on the best surfaces require colour thought (even thought I use a lot of pink), ribbon thought (although I almost never use ribbon) and transfer placement thought. I have been feeling like it is all moving too slow. If I look at my calendar, it is progressing on pace but that doesn’t make me feel any different when I am staring at towers of paste colours.

Today I decided to make Christmas Cards. I watched a couple of videos on YouTube with simple washi tape card designs (check out Maremi SmallArt) and decided it was time to papercraft. 2 hours later, I have a stack of envelopes addressed and ready to go. All my Christmas Cards are done and tomorrow they will be mailed. I am so glad I did this. I feel like I have accomplished a lot – a big to-do off my list. And that has given me the energy to get back to finishing the bigger projects.

I hope you are finding your inspiration this holiday season. If you aren’t, I recommend taking a break, doing something fast and satisfying and then come back to it. You might find you are re-energized.



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