Apple Pie on Greyson Frame – Size Swiped!

Apple Pie

Apple Pie on the Greyson Frame was my first attempt at the largest board, with the largest transfer, in multiple colours. There is a lot going on here and I was nervous even to start.

The Greyson Style board has a design area of about 18 in X 24 in. The Apple Pie transfer is that size but is cut into two so it is easier to work with. The one thing that can go wrong when you are chalking is for the Chalkology paste to dry before you peel the transfer up. If the paste dries before you peel, your design may lift off with the transfer.

The top went faster than the bottom because all 5 colours are used on the bottom. I am told the recipe works although I have not tried it. I am too busy chalking to bake! This is one of my favourite transfers even if it doesn’t work as a recipe though.

I made 3 small errors on this board. Friends tell me they don’t see them but I can see them. If I were going to sell it, I would wipe off the spots where these mistakes are and re-do just those spots. But I don’t think I will sell it. With it being the first one I made, I think I am going to hang it on the wall of my chalking room. I also think I will keep it with the mistakes intact. It’s flaws make it perfect just the way it is.

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