Apothecary Bottles – A Lesson Learned

Apothecary Bottles

The first thing I made on glass were these little Apothecary Bottles. I found the bottles at Michaels and thought they would be perfect for the Halloween Apothecary Labels transfer. They were totally cute when done and filled with candy. All but one of them sold quickly. Then I brought the one home that did not sell. A friend wanted it for her son’s Christmas stocking. So I emptied the candy and washed it to refill it with something more festive for Christmas.

I had a pan with dish soap in the sink. I dropped the little bottle in it to soak off the sticky candy sugar inside. Half of the design was gone when I returned awhile later. The other half simply wiped away easily as I washed. Now I just had an empty blank bottle and some little flecks of dried black ink in my pan!

After some reading and some trial and error I discovered I had used the wrong heat setting instructions for ink on glass! I found several sets of instructions on the internet that were put up by other designers. Since there were so many of them the same, I used them. Clearly didn’t work.

Then I found the official Chalk Couture instructions and they were different. The lesson learned is don’t believe everything you read and when trying something new… use the manufacturer’s directions.

Fortunately, there were only 4 of these little Apothecary Bottles. All 3 sold were sold to people I know. I was able to tell them that if their design peeled or flaked, they could bring it back and I would fix that for them.

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