Amazing Wood Tray Repurposed

That Amazing Wood Tray

I found this beat up but amazing wood tray in our workshop this fall. I knew it was there but had forgotten about it because it was really rough looking, but super solid. When I realized the compartments fit my chalk supplies perfectly, I decided to try and clean it up. It turned out so much better than I expected! I was looking for something I could bang around in my craft room without it falling apart. While I use it for that, it is pretty enough that I also tote it to Make & Takes, filled with squeegees and paste singles.

That Amazing Wood Tray Before
This is the tray when I found it in the shop.

The first step was to clean it up with a wire brush. I had to trim off a couple of nails that were sticking out at odd places and then I went at it with sandpaper. I sanded until the splinters were all smooth but I did not worry about the dents, bangs and bumps. Since it was for use in my craft room, rustic would be a good look and sanding is not my favourite thing to do.

That Amazing Tray Join my Team
Chalking the sides – Join My Team!

Several (I actually lost count) coats of white chalk paint later, the tray was ready to chalk. By this point, I had already decided I would be using the tray for Make & Takes. So I decided to use the Business Builder transfer that came in my kit and chalk the sides with messages for my Make & Take customers. All 4 sides are chalked in Couture Teal Chalkology paste with the messages: Design, Love, Repeat; Join My Team; Chalk Couture and Make Money Beautifully.

I absolutely love this repurposed amazing wood tray! It was built to hold nails and screws. Now it holds paste singles, Chalkable Chips, squeegees, board erasers, stir sticks, scissors, art brushes, tape and twine. It sits on a Lazy Susan on my craft table so it is easy, easy, easy to grab anything I need quickly.

That Amazing Wood Tray Make Money Beautifully

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