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Chalk Couture Squeegees

Updated August 3, 2020.

Chalk Couture squeegees fall into the Accessories category of the online catalogue. You have 6 choices. Here are the ones I use most and why.

1. Small Squeegee $6.99

This is my go-to squeegee. I use it for everything. To me, it is the perfect size. It fits nicely in my hand, making it easy to control and it is easy to control the amount of paste or ink I am putting on and squeegeeing off. I have a handful of these so I can have one for each colour when working multi-colour designs.

2. Mini Squeegee $34.49 (12 pack)

The mini is about half the size of the small and I find it is great for laying paste on in stripes to do the ombre effect and for covering single words or sentences in different colours. It will cover smaller design elements better than the small squeegee when you are working multi-colour designs.

3. Multi-Tool $10.99

I don’t use the multi-tool as often as the top 2 but I could not live without it. The squeegee end is very small and I use it often to get a different colour on a very small design element. If you only get 1 squeegee, I would say get the small but if you are getting 2, this is the second one you should buy.

The multi-tool also has other uses. The hook end is designed to fit right into the crook of the 3 oz jars, allowing you to stir paste and ink with it. I use Tupperware citrus peelers to stir. I find the multi-tool is too thick and bulky for stirring without pushing my paste up out of the jar.

4. Handled Squeegee $20.99

I have used this for one project. A friend was using it and said it worked like a dream. I am sure she is right. I just don’t do many large surfaces to use it. I do a lot of ink on clothes so designs do not get that large. I will definitely pick it up the next time I do a large board with a single design. Or for a border using one of the mask transfers. I think it will work great for that as well.

5. Detail Tool $10.99

This one is brand new. I have received it but I have not had an opportunity to use it yet. It was made for doing detail work in tight spots on a transfer. The opposite end of the squeegee is a tool that can be used to lift transfer edges when you peel and reveal. I can’t wait to try it and will post when I do.

6. Angled Squeegee $15.49

I never use this squeegee. I know there are designers that swear by it but I find it awkward in my hand and impossible to control the flow of paste and ink with it. It is possible I just never learned how to handle it but let’s face it, it is a squeegee, it should not require a learning curve.

Of course, all of that is just my opinion. I’d love to hear yours! Reach out if you have any questions, I am always happy to chat chalk!

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