A Day of Fixing Mistakes – What About That Hex?

A day of fixing mistakes. This hex needed a solution. I found one.

It was a day of fixing mistakes here. It is rare that I have mistakes that need fixing because with chalk, you can just wipe mistakes away and start over. But every once in awhile, things come together in a way that makes something seem un-fixable. That was the case with this hex design.

I made it for sale but I never seal a project until it is purchased in case my customer would rather leave it unsealed and have me change up the design seasonally. When this hex sold, the customer wanted to keep it in her garden and so it had to be sealed. No problem, I did that in 3 coats of spray sealer.

However, the last coat of sealer left 3 distinct and very bright white spots on the surface in the background of the design. I tried covering them with paste but it was too 3 dimensional on those spots. I took that off and tried covering them with ink. That worked a lot better except now the spots were shiny. In the end I made her a new one, sealed it and delivered it. I hung onto this one for a day I was feeling inspired.

That day was today. I decided to pull out the few items I had that have problems like this. Seemingly un-fixable problems. What I decided to do with this one is use my brush and ink to make many, many more little squares on the background so the 3 that were there looked like they fit in with the background pattern. I quite like it now.

I am thinking of adding background spatters. I would have done already but I could not decide on white, red, yellow or red and yellow spatters. That indecision saved me a second step – for now. I am keeping this one for my wall so that may change down the road. If I decide to spatter it, I will post a photo.

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