A Christmas Present Made with Love

Joy in the Journey

This one was so much fun to do and was truly a Christmas present made with love! When Heike saw the Joy in the Journey transfer in the catalogue, she felt it would have personal meaning for Don. She reached out to let me know she wanted to make a board for Don for Christmas with the transfer and she chose the Greyson Style Frame.

Once everything arrived, we made a date to make the board. Because she had only ever chalked a metal tray, the size of the project made her nervous. So I said I would come offer support and help lift the transfer as she chalked. Our first try was a bust because the paste was too thick. I should have thinned it because it had dried out some but I didn’t. And once we started, it was apparent I should have. My bad.

Then, we had 2 more tries that did not go well but they all stemmed from the first mistake. Once we washed most of the Greige colour down the drain, we had to mix colours to get a grey that matched. But we did not do a great job of mixing. So the second and third tries had little streaks of one colour or the other through it. Finally, we got it right on try 4.

By the second try, Heike was encouraging me to do it for her but I knew she could do it and that all the problems were because we were not mixing the paste colours well enough. So I would not take over. And we discovered that she loves working with the handled squeegee, which I have never liked. But she liked it so much, she has convinced me to give it another try. Which I will do on my next big or single colour project.

In the end, it was better that it did not work out the first try because the mistakes are what generated all the laughter. We had a great time and in the end Heike had created a beautiful Christmas present all on her own. Word is that Don thinks it is amazing.

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