5 Tips for Using Chalk Couture Ink

5 Tips for Ink

Here are 5 tips for using Chalk Couture ink. If you are familiar with using Chalkology Paste, there are a few differences. Paste is kid-friendly because it is made with natural ingredients and is water soluble. It is removable and cleans easily with warm water. It is great for boards that you want to change out seasonally.

Ink is permanent on many surfaces without heat setting and is permanent on all surfaces when heat set. It can be unforgiving. But I love making t-shirts and tea towels so the permanence gives me a reason to wear my apron!

Is Ink non-toxic?

Yes, but it is not for human consumption and should be kept out of reach of children. Note that the metallic inks do contain trace metals. Any accidental ingestion should be reported to your doctor.

Will Ink bleed through fabric?

Yes, Ink can bleed through fabric. This is why we have provided the Ink Mats to help you protect your surfaces. Ensure you remove the Ink Mat before ironing your project to heat set the Ink.

Can you mix Ink colours like you can Paste colours?

Yes, no problem.

In fact, mixing colours to make your own custom shades is a big part of the fun! Just remember to add black or white sparingly and if you mix too many colours, you will almost always end up with some shade of brown.

Can you still do techniques like marbling and ombre with Ink?

Yes. They are trickier techniques with Ink, but they do work.

I suggest you practice any technique you want to try with ink. Get an inexpensive crafting T or any small piece of fabric you can practice on. All techniques are possible but it can take a try or two to get the hang of it. Remember, with paste you can erase and repeat, with ink you cannot.

How do you layer designs?

After you have let the first layer dry, you are safe to layer on top of it. To speed this process, you can use a hair dryer after each layer.

I do not heat set ink between layers. I do let the first layer completely dry before adding the second layer. This means I will do a layer and let it sit to completely dry. Time depends on the surface you are inking.

I have used a heat gun to speed up drying time in a pinch but it is rare. If you apply the heat gun when the ink is too wet, it can spread the ink and ruin a crisp design. I prefer to lift the transfer and let it dry on its own. For me, the inking process takes time and patience. But I like to create that way and rarely finish any design on the first go. I encourage you to try inking. Join me in my diy apparel addiction. It’s so much fun!

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